React Live Coding Challenge

Peter Elbaum

Have you ever wondered what kind of questions you might get in a real React interview?

Not the algorithm stuff. The real type of hands-on coding that you do every day. There's plenty out there about what data structures you need to know, but not so much about what it looks like to write real code in a live interview setting.

This code is an approximation of a real challenge that I was asked to complete during an interview. Seeing it will help you learn what could be asked in a real interview setting, and you can even try to solve the problem yourself. After you sign up, I'll send you a zip file with the starter files (in case you want to have a go at it) and my solution.

Just click the 'I want this' button and tell us where to send you the code. Enjoy!

P.S. – I originally introduced this coding challenge in a YouTube video I made. If you're interested in seeing how I solved this problem step-by-step, you can find the video here:

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React Live Coding Challenge

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